Aakash International extra deep well hand pump

1The India Mark II Extra Deep well hand pump is designed for lifting water from extra deep water sources and is therefore strongly built. The maximal lift recommended is 80 m. The India Mark II Extra Deep well hand pumps are public domain pump defined by Indian Standards or RWSN specifications. This hand pumps is not considered to be a VLOM pump.

  • Modified version of India Mark-II hand pump.

  • Suitable for lifting water from depths of 45m to 90m.

  • Stroke length 100mm

  • Discharge 12 liters/ 40 strokes/ minute

  • Handle of bigger cross section & tee-bar attachment with additional weight reduces pumping effort.

    3Counter Weights

The Extra Deepwell Hand pump has counter weights attached to the Handle to assist in the movement of the handle since the water is lifted from very a great depth ( upto 90 meters). The number of counter weights depends upon the exact depth at which cylinder is placed.

For e.g. from 50-60 meters : 0 weights, from 60 -70 meters :1 weight , from 70-80 meters : 2 weights and from 80-90 metrs : 3 weights.10d82c_cd010e5ac67b4a00a10a206dc81f4aa7


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