Aakash International hand pumps promise cleaner water

The solution to change these desperate conditions that exist in many regions of Africa and India must be mulch-faceted to accommodate a variety of conditions.

 3Aakash International provides Afridev Hand Pumps and India Mark II hand pumps to withstand drought. We wish to prevent the water drought, not react to it. It’s the only way to actually prevent the drought cycle from occurring when regional weather patterns change periodically. And it has been suggested by many scientists that as global warming evolves, drought cycles will become more common and for longer durations in many regions of the world that are currently in a water-stressed condition.

In reference, in 2001, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) asked various organizations to perform an investigation of groundwater availability in water-short regions of the world. That investigation was documented in a report entitled: Groundwater Availability Study for Water-Short Developing Countries, where it was shown there are significant groundwater assets available even in some of the most drought-prone areas of the world. Although available, these groundwater assets are not being used today because often the leaders of drought-prone countries do not possess the political will to drill water wells for their own people.

Right now, countless communities in over 50 nations are suffering needlessly because water is scarce, contaminated, or non-existent. The sad irony is this:

mike19Often there is enough water to save thousands of lives just 100 to 300 feet away. Where? Underground. Therefore we bring Afridev hand pumps and India Mark II hand pump and equipment to rural areas in order to provide life-giving sources of water.

Hand pumps are used primarily in developing nations as a manually powered means of bringing water to the surface from a borehole, rainwater tank or well.

The main types of hand pumps we offer are the India Mark II, the India Mark III, and the Afridev deep-well (30 – 40 m deep) pumps. Village Level Operation and Maintenance (VLOM) refer to low maintenance hand pumps which can be maintained at a village level, intended to provide reliable long-term service.

Some of the features of Aakash international manufactured hand pumps are: Aakash International hand pump so easy to use, a child can pump up to 5 gallons per minute. Aakash International hand water pump so durable, it has a 50-year lifespan. Aakash International hand water is so affordable, you can install it anywhere you need safe drinking water.


The afridev hand pump : New and improved

The pump division of Aakash International has introduced new and improved Afridev hand pump for export.  The company’s export branch also ensures that the new and improved

cropped-1.jpgAfridev pump can be made available though out African region. Our experience has shown that the failure of water-supply projects lays not so much in the implementation of these products, but in the subsequent maintenance of these water systems. Systems fail because maintenance needs cannot be met. The choice of technology often requires a highly- skilled maintenance team. However, as a result of financial constraints and lack of resources, the high costs of this type of maintenance are often not sustainable. What is needed is a technology that matches the resources to sustain it. Water-supply technologies that are designed around the Village Level Operation & Maintenance (Vlom) concept have the highest potential for sustainability. For many communities in Africa, hand pumps such as Afridev, India MKII and III and the Zimbabwean Bush pump are often the only source of potable water supply.

3The success of our hand pumps in remote and inaccessible parts of Africa is mainly attributed to the Vlom characteristics of these pumps. Aakash International manufactured afridev hand pumps are easy to operate and do not require a highly-skilled maintenance team to carry out routine repairs and maintenance. Aakash International produced hand pumps are also easy to install as heavy equipment and specialized tools are not required. The rising main of the Afridev hand pump is a belled uPVC column that is easily installed using two or three people. No tripod is required and, with the help of the guiding rope, the columns are installed without much fuss. The connecting hook and eye rods fit into each other and no spanner is required. Once the uPVC columns have been installed, it is no longer necessary to remove the columns when doing future maintenance. The cylinder has an open top through which the plunger rod is easily removed, allowing the hand pump technician to change the necessary seals. Aakash International hands pumps have extensive countrywide and international distribution network, which ensures that spares are readily available, thus ensuring the continued sustainability of the product.